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Daniel Eltner

Born in Erlangen

Studies in industrial design at the Technical College of Higher Education, Munich. Workshop, Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein

Period of practical training at Sabattini, Bregnana, Italy
Participation in the 3rd Nuremberg design contacts in the Museum for Industrial Culture with the Uccello lamp design

Formation of a studio for retrospective avant-garde design concepts: establishment of a glassworks, and presentation at the Frankfurt Autumn Fair Ambiente 1994, design of the TOMAHAWK sculpture for De Sede, Switzerland, at Professor Wulf Schneider.

Degree: Tea service for the Studio Line of the Rosenthal AG, Selb. Studies in the history of art at the Friedrich-Alexander University, Erlangen. LINO spoon, homage to Lino Sabattini awarded a prize by the Institute for new Technical Form, Darmstadt. Creation of a parmesan knife and presentation at the Frankfurt Autumn Fair 1995. Assistant to and cooperation with Lino Sabattini, Italy  

Formation of a joint studio between Daniel Eltner and Lino Sabattini in Bregnano

espresso collection for Walküre, presentation at the Frankfurt Spring Fair 1997. The service is awarded FORM 97. Participation in the 2nd International Glass Symposium with Lino Sabattini in Karlsbad

Since 1997
Free-lance designer for the WMF AG, Geislingen

Master of design with Professor Heinrich Wallner.

Collezione Altatee+ series for Walküre, and presentation at the Frankfurt Autumn Fair. International Product Design Award 98 from the „Industry Forum Design“, Hanover, for the LINO spoon. “Red dot” awarded for exceptional services to design in 98 for the Collezione ALTAespresso collection. Creation of a cutlery series, and presentation at the Frankfurt Autumn Fair. 

Creation of a tray series made from stainless steel, and presentation at the Frankfurt Spring Fair. Creation of the Collezione Altamare seafood series for Walküre.

Daniel Eltner also designed the NYNY series, the ”Leo” tureen and the Foro series for Walküre

Collezione Alta, Collezione Altatee+,Collezione Altamare, NYNY, ”LEO” Tureen, Foro and Vento.